Shelter Cat So Shy She Hides in Man's Arms, But A Day After Adoption...

Shelter Cat So Shy She Hides in Man's Arms, But A Day After Adoption...


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A shelter kitty was so shy that she hid in a man's arms and didn't want to come out. No one wanted to adopt her until she found the guy who knew from the start that she is the one.

Meet Savannah the cat!

Courtesy: milkymoocowmoo

"Savannah was staying at a small shelter based out of a vet nurse's home," ," reddit user milkymoocowmoo told Love Meow.

When the guy first saw the photos of the kitty, she stole his heart right away. "Her siblings were snapped up quickly, but nobody was interested in this shy little girl... until me."

Savannah was incredibly timid. When they met, she was shivering at first, and spent most of her time with her face buried in his arms. After 30 minutes of snuggles, she felt much better and content.

"When it was time to say goodbye she made sure I'd come back by reaching up to bump noses with me."

Courtesy: milkymoocowmoo

A few days later, he returned to the shelter and took Savannah with him to her forever home.

"First day home was scary for her. She was of course very shy," he said.

Courtesy: milkymoocowmoo

So the guy gave her a quiet room to help her acclimate to her new surroundings.

"I wanted to keep an eye on her but also not overwhelm her, so I set up a webcam to watch her from another room," he told Love Meow.

Courtesy: milkymoocowmoo

"A little later on she was a bit more curious, so I let her roam around. She appeared to not like heights, such as the couch, so I sat on the ground with her."

It was that moment Savannah found comfort and confidence. She laid down on his lap and looked up into his eyes as if she was telling him "You are my human for life."

Courtesy: milkymoocowmoo

From that day on, Savannah came out of her shell and couldn't get enough of cuddles and attention from her human.

She is very affectionate and is always there to offer hugs.

Courtesy: milkymoocowmoo

When her human wants to use the computer, Savannah gets in front of it and demands his attention.

"Savannah insists that she do everything I do."

Courtesy: milkymoocowmoo

So now whenever he's by the computer desk, Savannah settles in his lap, watching everything he does.

She's a clingy little floof but who could possibly say no!

Courtesy: milkymoocowmoo

If her human comes home a bit late, she makes him cuddle for hours to make up for the lateness.

"She won't move."

Courtesy: milkymoocowmoo

Savannah was the shyest little kitty at the shelter but all she needed was someone to give her a chance, and her human did.

Her life was changed forever. She is no longer that scaredy little kitty but a fluffy, affectionate, velcro-clingy cuddle bug.

Courtesy: milkymoocowmoo

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