Shelter Kitten Made Terminally-ill Child's Dream Come True. Now They are Inseparable!


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A tiny shelter kitten has made a terminally ill child's dream come true. She has become his best companion and doesn't want to be anywhere but to be with him.

Photo: Stafford County Animal Shelter

Ryan Mott was 8 years old when he was diagnosed with a rare aggressive form of brain cancer, DIPG. DIPG is inoperable and incurable. The beautiful brave child had always wanted a furry friend, and one very special kitty came into his life just last Saturday.

Sadie (formerly Holly), a 10 week old tortie, was waiting for a forever home at the Stafford County Animal Shelter in Stafford, Virginia. When she and Ryan met at the shelter, they had an instant connection. The kitty immediately latched on his arms and started purring up a storm. "In his arms she purred and gave kisses to him like she was saying that you are my human," the shelter said.

The two are now completely inseparable.

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When they met at the shelter, Sadie climbed up to Ryan and purred up a storm.

Photo: Stafford County Animal Shelter

Photo: Stafford County Animal Shelter

"This is therapy for Ryan. They love each other," Michelle Calvin Mott, Ryan's mother, said. "The kitty just lays in his chest all day."

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Calvin Mott

Inseparable friends! "Sadie always falls asleep on Ryan," Michelle said.

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Calvin Mott

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