Shiro the Cat and His New Sister Mimi

Shiro the Cat and His New Sister Mimi


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Shiro the chill cat from Japan just got a new sister, Mimi, a rambunctious little kitten who runs around Shiro all day. The cool kitty Shiro isn't bothered. He is as patient as he can be and puts up with all the nomming, pouncing, tail playing and other antics from Mimi. At the end of the day, Mimi likes to snuggle up with Shiro like a best friend.

Shiro and his mischievous new sister Mimi

Mimi wakes Shiro from his naps. "Play with me!"

Shiro watches the little one

They hold paws...

... and they snuggle for naps.

Mimi gives Shiro noms:

Photos by kagonekoshiro.

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