Sophie the Calico and Her Best Furever Furiend

Sophie the Calico and Her Best Furever Furiend


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Sophie a beautiful calico kitten was adopted by a family with many furry friends. One of them is Simon, a friendly Corgi who immediately took to her and they became insparable friends. We featured them when Sophie was a little kitten. Today she's grown into a gorgeous girl and her friendship with Simon has only gotten stronger. Here is a little update from Sophie :).

Written by Sophie the cat.

I'm Sophie! Or as the people around here call me -- Sopesty, Soannoying, Sochompy, Sonaughty... oh, you get the point. Even if I don't get it, hmmph.

Let's see -- things I like? Chasing Corgis, Simon (he's my best buddy ever) eating canned food, sleeping in places I'm not supposed to, climbing in the bathtub when there are people in it, climbing on the kitchen counter, chasing the big kitties, and chewing the chair rungs. Oh, and stealing socks. Socks are awesome! I've got a hole collection going -- haha, get it? Whole? I'm a punny cat! :D

I showed up here when the neighbors found me eating out of garbage in the back of their truck and of course -- these people? They're suckers. And their dogs are suckers. Oh, and their cats were total pushovers, except for Dusty. I like Dusty, he and I wrestle all the time.

So, now I rule this place with a very lanky little paw. ;) And I totally attacked the camera after I had my picture taken...heh heh heh.

Photos courtesy of ©Koratcats.

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