Tortie Cat Falls into the Heart of Her Rescuer and Follows Her on Different Adventures

Tortie Cat Falls into the Heart of Her Rescuer and Follows Her on Different Adventures


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A tiny rescue tortie kitten fell into the lap of a young woman who gave her a second chance at life. Now she follows her around and goes on all kinds of adventures as her most trusted partner.

Meet Eevee the cat!

Photo: @whiskered_away

Eevee and her three kittens were born in the closet of a mechanic's shop. When Emily brought her car in to get fixed, she met the kittens. The owner of the shop didn't know what to do, so Emily took them home with the intention to foster them and adopt them out.

"First night I brought Eevee and her three siblings home. They were all still so skittish around me so I just sat on the floor in the bathroom I was keeping them in and waited.

"As they played they started to trust me more but still kept their distance mostly. That was until Eevee walked up to me, climbed up the side of my leg, which was quite a hurdle at the time, and quietly fell asleep in my lap," Emily said.

Photo: @whiskered_away

"As if her approval cleared me to her siblings they all soon followed and fell asleep on my legs in a line, all four of them.

"It was one of my favorite moments of their kittenhood and one of the first times I noticed Eevee was special."

Photo: @whiskered_away

"Eevee, who at the time was simply Kitten No. 3, started to stand out: She was outgoing, confident, and eager for my attention.

"The plan was not to keep any of them, but Kitten No. 3 had other ideas."

Photo: @whiskered_away

Soon one day Emily discovered Eevee's love for adventures.

"She was eager to go for walks and explore the backyard. It wasn't until she was about 4 or 5 months old though that she came with me on our first hike together — and she loved it!

"She was walking ahead of me like she knew the trail already. She was born to be an adventure cat, and I am incredibly lucky to have been the human she ended up with."

Photo: @whiskered_away

The passenger seat of the truck now belongs to Eevee. She doesn't like it when someone else takes her seat.

Emily has gotten many interesting reactions from people when they see her hiking with a cat.

"I got 'that's a really funny looking dog' by someone. People are generally good humored about it. I'm used to the stares and the 'is that a cat!?' reactions."

Photo: @whiskered_away

Eevee has figured out how to take selfies.

Photo: @whiskered_away

Beautiful Eevee!

Photo: @whiskered_away

Emily was not much of a cat person until she met Eevee...

"It is amazing how much they can change us. She would leave such a massive void now if I were to lose her."

Photo: @whiskered_away

Eevee doing what she loves most.

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