Store Owner Saves Orange Tabby from Certain Death, He Returns the Favor..

Store Owner Saves Orange Tabby from Certain Death, He Returns the Favor..


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A store owner saved an orange tabby from a certain death, so the kitty decided to guard and protect her store for life.

Meet Andy the cat.


Andy was adopted by Kiki the day before he was to be euthanized. They took him out of the shelter to freedom and drove him to his new home. "He didn't seem to mind more than an hour drive," Kiki's Pet Supply said.

The ginger boy is very laid back and affectionate. All he wanted was someone to love him.

As soon as he arrived in his new home, he bonded with Mac the dog. "He and Mac became instant best buddies."

But what surprised Kiki the most was Andy's loyalty. He became her pet supply store's security guard and never missed a day at work.

"He is our store security guard with claws and a part time greeter," Kiki's Pet Supply said.

Andy is often seen with Mac working alongside each other at the store.

Kiki's Pet Supply

When the humans need a break, Andy hops on the counter to take over the shift.

Kiki's Pet Supply

Andy observing his human's snack, wondering about many things in his little head.

Kiki's Pet Supply

Andy is the top cat in the store, or the boss.

Kiki's Pet Supply

When it's time to take a break with a good long nap, Mac comes along. They are two inseparable friends.

Kiki's Pet Supply

Andy supervising the store from his very own purrsonal booth.

Kiki's Pet Supply

If a customer needs a cuddle, he offers several with open paws.

Kiki's Pet Supply

They rescued Andy from death row, now he returns the favor by being their most loyal friend, guarding and protecting them. Follow Andy and Mac on Facebook.

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