Story of Simone the Sweet Little Kitty

Story of Simone the Sweet Little Kitty


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Simone is a cute little kitten and a new addition to Ollie Crafoord's life. She is giving her mom a lot of smiles with her silly little antics.

Simone thinks she is a little parrot and loves to perch on her mom's shoulder.

When she finds a cozy spot, she will crash for a cat nap. Simone is very free-spirited and already running her new home.

When she catches her "prey," a little shark toy, she'd proudly carry it in her mouth across the room as if she is telling everyone of her victorous catch.

If you put a fruit bowl on the table, it will probably end up being Simone's bed. She has no problem claiming any items and using them as her own.

Little Simone has added so much sunshine and love to her mom's life. Her cuteness is infectious and her loving heart lightens up everyone at home.

Photos courtesy of Ollie Crafoord, Ollie's blog.

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