Stray Cat Becomes Marines' Snuggle Buddy


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A black and white stray cat made his way into the hearts of the marines in Okinawa Japan. He became a cuddly buddy. "He would snuggle up to people sleeping during lunch without them knowing," said reddit user Squillbill.

"He was really skinny when we first found him. (We) started feeding him tuna and he got fat in less than 2 weeks."

Snuggling up to people sleeping during lunch without them knowing

Edit: We contacted the original poster about the cat. Here is what he wrote to us:

"Unfortunately we were told the cat could not stay and were forced to bring him to a shelter. Being in Okinawa most of us live in the barracks and cannot have pets. But we all wanted to keep him."

He is lovely cat with a loving heart and deserves a wonderful home. We hope there is something we can do to help those animals. They just want love and a person to cuddle with.

Source: reddit.

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