Stray Cat Comes Up to Man for a Pat and a Home

Stray Cat Comes Up to Man for a Pat and a Home


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He may look like a tough guy, but this man has a soft spot for cats. When a skinny stray cat came up to him two years ago asking for a pat and some love, the next thing he knew he was on his way to the vet with his new cat.


Doxxus from Melbourne, Australia wrote via reddit: "This little thing came up to me as I was about to pull out some broken glass, started mewing and wanting a pat. I had a look at the girl and her fur was mottled in places, she was bones, looking tired, but very approachable. I gave her some of my water and she lapped it up. I gave her some scratch time on the belly and when I went to my van to get some tools, she followed and jumped in."

The cat didn't have a family, so they took her in and named her Sous.


"I decided to have another look at her. Her coat was dirty (except her chest), but she didn't seem to have any fleas. I kept her in my van with the aircon going, and once I had finished my job, took her to a pet store to get a cardboard carrier and some treats. After that, I took her back to my factory to show my wife, who agreed we should see if she were chipped."

This is Sous in the garden with her fluffy tail up in the air.


"Once at the vet, the vet's wife told me she was not chipped but once her husband came back he can have a good look at her, and if we wanted to keep her they can proceed with all the things... have to add, she enjoyed jumping on me."

More info: reddit.

She loves to go on walks with her human and has grown so much since. "Sous can't fit all her paws onto the post she sits on."


"When I was 6, my grandmother surprised me with a cat. She had lived until I was 12 but died of cancer which broke my heart." His daughter was 6 month old at the time, and when he took the kitty home, he introduced Sous to her little human sister.

Today, Sous is all grown up, healthy and very loved.

Sous and her favorite person in the world.

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