Stray Cat Gave Birth to 7 Kittens and Dog Decides He Will Be Their New Dad


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Two weeks after Terra the stray cat came to her new foster home, her belly started to grow. A week later they heard noises coming from the cat room.

"I looked under Terra, saw two kittens, and searched WikiHow on what to do when your cat gives birth. In total, 7 kittens were born," imgur user oowth wrote.

Photo: oowth

A few weeks after Terra the stray cat came to her foster home, she gave birth to 7 little fur balls.

The house dog decided that he would be the father for the newborn kittens as soon as he laid eyes on the tiny fur babies. The weenie mix proactively tried to help the mother cat with her job.

"Mama cat will straight up leave the room and let him care for the kittens. I guess he thinks he's the daddy."

The dog volunteered to be their canine body guard.

Photo: oowth

Mom is out on a break, so he comes right over to give the little ones baths.

Photo: oowth

7 kittens in total! It's hard to tell some of them apart!

Photo: oowth

Watching over the kittens. Cat mama doesn't mind the dog at all.

"(She) would even just walk away once my dog started licking on the kittens, content at her free babysitter."

Photo: oowth

Growling at the Basset Hound for getting too close

Photo: oowth

Sometimes the dog dad tries to kidnap the kittens and move them out of the room.

Photo: oowth

Keeping the kittens close to him.

"I was watching TV and looked down and he had carried two out to chill with us."

Photo: oowth

Here he is giving his kittens more baths.

Photo: oowth

Terra is a very content mama cat and happy to have both a human and a canine help her babysit her 7 very playful kittens.

Photo: oowth

With help from their canine friend, the kittens grew up healthy and happy and all found their forever loving homes.

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