Sylvia, Rescue Kitten and Her Four Moms

Sylvia, Rescue Kitten and Her Four Moms


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cute rescued white and black kitten

Written by ©Debs (flickr: sometimesong).

Sylvia had no less than four 'mums' in the first few weeks of her life. The first was her birth mother, who we think dropped her (when she was just days old) and left her behind in a garage while she was moving her litter of kittens. Her second mum was a vet nurse who bottle fed her. Third mum was a cat called Izzy, who fed her for about a week till her milk dried up, and finally she was 'adopted' by another rescued cat called Salem. Salem's kittens were about two-and-a-half weeks younger than Sylvia but were already much bigger. But Sylvia made it through a tough start to life and is now living happily with her new folks. (Sylvia was rescued and homed by Cats Protection)

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