Tabby and His New Friend White Puffball

Tabby and His New Friend White Puffball


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Sanmao the little white kitten with a few spots of black hair on his forehand was introduced to Charlie the tabby cat who was a former stray cat himself. Charlie is a very affectionate boy who loves his mommy and follows her wherever she goes in the house. When she leaves the house, Charlie cries, begging his mommy to stay.

"It broke my heart to see Charlie alone by himself in the house when I was away, so I adopted Sanmao to be his little buddy," said Bao Y., Charlie's mommy.

When Sanmao came to meet Charlie, they sniffed and exchanged nose kisses. Very soon the little white puffball bonded with Charlie and started using his beds, toys, and even washed each other like they were already best friends.

It's been a month since Sanmao arrived, they have become so close that they are always together. It's amazing how much love and affection they have for each other.

Photos courtesy of ©Yang Bao.

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