stray kitten and her only kitten one year later

They Rescued Orange from the Street, She Surprised Them with Her Only Kitten


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It was back in 2011, a man was out walking his dog and noticed a tiny kitten start following him. As he tried to approach the kitten, she ran away.

"The following evening, he went for a walk with Max (the dog), again, and around the same section of the neighborhood he noticed the kitten came out and followed him," Dennis, the man's brother, told Love Meow.

He waited for the kitten to approach him this time. When she finally did, he scooped her up and brought her home.

Courtesy: Dennis

They took the kitty into their home, and she became a happy indoor cat.

"We were never really a cat family; we've always had dogs. However, this tiny kitten, that the vet assumed to be only a few months old, was too cute to give away. We named the kitten Thermis, from an old family inside joke, and gave her the nickname Orange," Dennis said.

A couple of months later, Thermis' stomach got significantly larger and her behavior also changed.

"The vet told us that this kitten, who was likely no more than 6 months old, was pregnant! Because Thermis was so young the situation was life-threatening and the vet insisted doing a cesarean section as soon as possible to save both the mother and litter's lives."

The ginger young mama had two babies - one unfortunately was stillborn, but the other one survived. "The surviving kitten was a beautiful grey girl who we named Prada and nicknamed Grey."

Courtesy: Dennis

Thermis and Prada stole the everyone's heart in the family.

"They both love being in the presence of others and getting pet or being played with -- they especially love belly rubs!"

Courtesy: Dennis

The furry family couldn't be complete without their canine buddy, Max the dog.

"Thermis and Max, in particular, are very good friends and we believe it's because Max helped father her when we found her. It's not uncommon to see them drinking out of the same water bowl," Dennis told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Dennis

"Max is an essential part of their team and the three of them are always in each others presence"

Courtesy: Dennis

"The cats have been a great pleasure and completely made us re-think our past dog only lifestyle!"

Courtesy: Dennis

"A couple years ago we found Orange, as a kitten, on the streets. Shortly after taking her in we found out she was pregnant and gave birth to only one kitten, Gray."

Here they are looking absolutely majestic!

Courtesy: Dennis

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