Stray Cat Asks Family to Help Bring Her Babies Safely into the World... (with Updates)


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A stray cat chose a family to help her bring her little babies safely and warm into the world.

Courtesy of Joanne T.

Joanne T. shares the story with Love Meow:

Over a year ago, this beautiful blue eyed Siamese lynx cross constantly came by my house. We started feeding her on a routine basis. Every morning she would wait for us in front of our garage and she would literally run half way down the back lane next to our car as we drove home.

This was first taken when she started coming around. She was really skinny.

Courtesy of Joanne T.

She would wait for hours while we were at work or out doing errands. One day she thanked us by waiting for us in front of our garage with a dead mouse. Once she saw us, she dropped the mouse and she had this proud look on her face when we graciously accepted her gift.

A few days after we took her in and her settling in the house.

Courtesy of Joanne T.

We decided to take her in once the temperature started to drop. Winter comes quick where we live. A few weeks later, we've noticed her tummy getting bigger.

We had brought her in and the vet had told us that she would be ready to give birth in a few weeks and that she was already pregnant when we officially adopted her.

Courtesy of Joanne T.

We were always told that she chose us to help her bring her little ones safely and warm into the world.

She gave birth to a litter of four babies!

Courtesy of Joanne T.

The kittens grew by leaps and bounds! They made mama really proud!

Courtesy of Joanne T.

After Mama was spayed and gained some weight!

Courtesy of Joanne T.

All of her kittens have found homes and this beautiful girl, once an abandoned stray, now lovingly called Annie, is part of our family.

Courtesy of Joanne T.

What a loving mama! Share this beautiful story!

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