They Rescue a 20 Year-old Cat. Now She Tells Her Humans How Happy She is Everyday

They Rescue a 20 Year-old Cat. Now She Tells Her Humans How Happy She is Everyday


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This cat was rescued at the age of 20. Now she tells her humans how happy she is every day to get to live the rest of her life to the fullest.

"Someone dropped off their 20 year old cat at a kill shelter, so we rescued her. She gets to live out her days in luxury at our sanctuary," said Karyn Poplin of Kitty Adventure Rescue League, a feline retirement sanctuary and rescue group located in Texas.

"We don't know a whole lot about her history. She's healthy as a horse and super loving. And so soft! She doesn't appear to be very old, but her teeth tell another story. She's missing most of her teeth, her bones are a little achy and she has some trouble jumping, but she loves food and catnip. She's a great addition to our sanctuary!"

"Usually when we bring a new cat in they hide for a few days, but she's out and about and curious about everything! She craves attention," Karyn added. "Official name was Taijha, but we will likely change that. She doesn't answer to it anyway!"

It didn't take long for the joyous ginger girl to start making furiends. "She's actually in a room with another cat (Pumpkin 18 years old). And many other 'super seniors', which are those over the age of 16. In that room, everyone moves a little slower, there's not much furniture in the way, lots of window space, and they're not bothered by the younger more active crowd we have here."

"We have many that are younger than her that appear in much worse shape. She was very well taken care of, but she is missing several teeth from age and her bones are quite stiff and achy. We've got her on some supplements to help with that, but she's got a spirited attitude!"

"She's very curious and even slept on my husband's pillow all night with him. Occasionally, some cats will fall into depression, but in our experience after a few days of adjustment, they come out of it and start developing their personality. Not in Taijha's case though! "

She now has a family that will love and care for her for the rest of her life!

Her name is Taijha. They are looking for a new name for this gorgeous gal. Any suggestions? Share this story and consider adopting an older cat!

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