They Try to Find Roadside Kitten a Home But The Kitty Snuggles Up to Their Dog and Won’t Let Go…

They Try to Find Roadside Kitten a Home But The Kitty Snuggles Up to Their Dog and Won’t Let Go…


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A young woman was out taking her puppy to the vet when she spotted a tiny ball of fur in the grass by the road.

She quickly pulled over to check it.


"It all started when my sister was taking her puppy to the vet and she saw a black lump in the grass next to the road," imgur user AmericanHam shared with Love Meow.

She couldn't keep driving without knowing if that was an animal that needed help, so she stopped her car. When she approached the little furball lying there motionless, she noticed that it was a kitten.

The kitty wasn't moving until she gently nudged her a few times, and then suddenly, she gave out a tiny mew.


Knowing that the kitten was alive, she scooped her up and took her to get help.

That day, the kitty got a much-needed bath and filled her tummy with yummy food. She snuggled up to Cali the pup and they fell asleep together next to a pillow by the fireplace.


"It was the cutest thing in the world. The kitten really likes her."

The young woman isn't able to have another pet but when she saw the kitty cuddling with her puppy, rubbing her face against hers, she didn't have the heart to separate them.

She talked to her family about the rescue kitten, and her brother and his girlfriend fell in love.


The kitty will be moving into their apartment and there will be plenty of visits for Cali and the kitten in the future.

They are keeping the two furry friends close so they can play and grow up together.

"You are my best friend MEOW!"imgur/AmericanHam

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