Kitten Helps Anxious Dog Find Comfort, Their Bond will Melt Your Heart!

Kitten Helps Anxious Dog Find Comfort, Their Bond will Melt Your Heart!


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A little kitten was in need of a loving home, and a dog was in need of companionship. When they found each other, it was magic.

Meet Tora the kitten and Kuma the dog!

Sara @saraandpets

Kuma the Alaskan Husky needed a constant companion as he has separation anxiety and gets very anxious when left alone. He relies on companionship in order to thrive.

His owner Sara came across an online post about a kitten who was looking for a new home. The little tabby grew up with dogs just like Kuma and enjoys the company of canine friends.

Since Sara isn't able to manage a second dog, she decided to adopt the kitten but was a bit nervous about how Kuma might react.

Sara @saraandpets

"They clicked instantly! Kuma was a bit hyper but then he settled down and began to 'mother' the kitten," Sara said. "He groomed her, followed her around."

It was love at first sight!

Sara @saraandpets

"This little kitten was afraid of me and my partner at first, but completely loved Kuma," Sara said.

"She would follow him, rub against his legs, meow like crazy when he left the room because she couldn't see him, lay on her back and paw at him, and shove her face into his face, rubbing against it. She loved him!"

They quickly became inseparable.

On day one, the two buddies followed each other everywhere, and even shared water.

Sara @saraandpets

When Kuma turned in for the night, Tora hopped right into his bed so she could snuggle next to her best friend.

The little tabby girl keeps her best friend company so he is never alone.

Sara @saraandpets

"Kuma giving Tora a kiss, she always runs over to him and pushes her head towards him so he will lick her," Sara said.

They share an incredibly close bond!

Sara @saraandpets

Kuma shows his kitten all the toys he owns.

"When they're playing, they're always near each other!"

Sara @saraandpets

Every night they go to bed together and every morning they wake up to the sunrise at the same time.

"I woke up in the middle of the night at around 2am and saw this at the side of my bed."

Sara @saraandpets

Tora, who grew up with dogs, thinks she's part canine.

A kiss from her best friend.

Sara @saraandpets

It's been a little over a week since Tora came to her forever home.

She's filled Kuma's heart with love, comfort and lots of purrs, and the sweet Husky boy couldn't be happier.

Sara @saraandpets

Kuma is a bit confused when Tora tries to nurse, but he lets her :).

Who needs toys when you have a fluffy doggo tail!

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