This Brave Kitty Couldn't Walk But Relearned to Use His Back Legs with a Walker!


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Thumper an adorable black and white Kitten with a neurological disorder couldn't walk, but relearned how to use his back legs by using a walker every day.

"Thumper was rescued out of a yard filled with animals left abandoned and neglected... His Foster mom, had a walker custom built for him and it immediately improved his walking.

Thumper learned to walk and rehabilitated by some therapy and sessions in his walker every day. After a few weeks, he was running."

WATCH VIDOE: Kitten can't walk but learns with a walker

WATCH VIDEO: Thumper enjoys a normal cat's life in his forever loving home!

Thumper the wonder cat relearns to walk with a walker!

After nine months of following Thumper's progress, he has overcome his disability of Cerebellar Hypoplasia and now enjoys a normal cat's life in his forever home.

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