This Cat Has No Idea Why Chickens Are So Obsessed With Him... (More photos)


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This stocky kitty has many admirers. Some of them are of the feathery kind.

Meet Scruffles!


Scruffles live around a lot of chickens. They are some of his best friends. Whenever they are hanging out in the backyard, Scruffles lies down right in front of the screen door, lounging about.

He's a chill cat and surely knows how to enjoy his life to the fullest.

The chickens are fascinated by the laid back kitty and often line up by the glass door, watching him pose and admiring his fluffiness.


Scruffles' favorite pastime is lounging around doing nothing all day.

When his chicken admirers come over, he puts on a show.


One of his best friends likes to climb on his back to perch.


They share an unlikely friendship.


Scruffles shows his buddy the cat TV.


Sometimes he welcomes more feathery friends to come join the party.


Occasionally he is so busy napping that he forgets his audience...


He has quite a following who come to see him every day and marvel at his magnificence.


He may not know why the chickens are so obsessed with him, but he surely knows how to pose! :)


Scruffles and his admirers.

The little chicks hanging out with their feline friend.

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