Tinsel The Cat Lost A Tail But Gained A New Life


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Tinsel the rescue kitty lost a tail, but gained a second chance at life. Even after what she's gone through, she is always happy and full of life. Having no tail doesn't bother her a bit. She doesn't think she's any different.

"A kind woman had been caring for strays and was worried about Tinsel when she showed up with a broken tail. She requested help from multiple organizations, but they were unable to help her. The kind people at CATS Cradle Shelter learned of Tinsel and wanted to help, but were too far away to do so. They knew about Tenth Life, so they referred the woman to us," said Tenth Life.

"Tinsel had a terrible tail/spinal injury and her tail had to be amputated. The injury caused damage to the nerves that control her bladder and bowels as well."

She is a little fighter.

"Our vets took great care of Tinsel during her tail amputation and immediate recovery. Then, our amazing foster mom, Lori, took over Tinsel's care and has done an incredible job making this sweet kitty feel loved and safe. Lori attests to Tinsel being one of the most lovable and affectionate cats she's known," the shelter added.

"Please don't feel sorry for Tinsel! She really has no idea that she is any different and is one very happy kitty! She gives me nose rubs and purrs and loves to be held. She is VERY easy to care for. She runs and plays just like any other kitty," Lori B., the foster mom, said.

Tinsel the rescue lost a tail, but gained a new happy life.

Tinsel is one of the most lovable and affectionate cats her foster mom's known

They gave her these special pants. "They keep her messes at a minimum, and frankly, we think they're kinda cute."

Tinsel doesn't think she's any different. She is a happy, lovable, affectionate little girl.

Photos by Tenth Life.

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