Feral Kitten Found Half Frozen Now Turned Around by Love

Feral Kitten Found Half Frozen Now Turned Around by Love


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A tiny feral kitten was found huddling with her deceased siblings in harsh weather, but a second chance and a loving home turned her life around.

Meet Clementine the cat!

Back in November last year, a tiny 3-week-old kitten was found abandoned with her three siblings under a log, half frozen, flea infested and starving.

"She was found without a mom. Due to the cold and the condition of the kittens my trainer decided it was best to bring them in instead of waiting to see if their mom would return," Clementine's human (who prefers to remain anonymous) told Love Meow.

"The day she was found. I had just gotten out of the hospital a few days earlier, and was surprised when my coach called to ask if I wanted a kitten to 'help me feel better'."

She couldn't say no.

"This is just after her last of three flea baths- she didn't cry or fight with us at all, she was just too tired."

The kitten was a bit feral when they took her in, but with a lot of love and patience, she really came around. "We've had her since she was three weeks old, but I assume her parents were feral for a few generations," she said.

"A few days later, she's already looking a lot better! No more fleas and regular bottle feedings did a lot for her very quickly."

Nine months later...

Clementine is all grown up. She tells her family she's the queen in the house.

Clementine didn't get enough food and nutrition before she was rescued. "She stayed a very small cat (barely 5 pounds), but makes up for it with personality."

This brave gal who survived the cold weather, has turned into a beautiful house cat.

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