Tiny Stray Tuxedo from Balcony to Warm Home

Tiny Stray Tuxedo from Balcony to Warm Home


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A fuzzy little tuxedo kitten and her stray cat mama settled into a family's balcony before the temperatures hit very low. The family couldn't bear seeing the furry mother and kitten out in the cold, so they opened their door and let them stay inside.

The cat mama and the kitten immediately felt at home with the family. They showed their gratitude through lots of affection and tons of purrs and headbumps.

The tiny tuxedo is especially clingy to the family, napping in their arms or sometimes next to their face. It's squeakingly cute!

The tuxedo furry family is now looking for a permenant home together.

They are located in Edmonton, AB.

See the cat mama and her tuxedo baby in action.

Photos by ©Anna (flickr: amkb). Little tuxedo fell asleep in his hooman's arms, snoozing in bliss:

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