Tortie Kitten Makes Gym Her Home and Shows Humans How to Climb Like a Pro

Tortie Kitten Makes Gym Her Home and Shows Humans How to Climb Like a Pro


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A tiny tortie kitten came to a bouldering gym in Okinawa, Japan and made it her home. As she grew, her climbing ability quickly surpassed her human friends.

Meet Lalah the climbing kitty!

Photo: bouldering gym BOULBAKA

Lalah came to the bouldering gym BOULBAKA when she was about two months old. She quickly discovered her love for climbing.

When she was tiny, after watching others climb to the top, she tried to jump and grab the holds, but was not able to reach them. However, the little determined kitty did not give up.

"She must have been eager for climbing up to the top before she became proper size to reach to the next hold (colored rocks) while watching people climbing everyday," bouldering gym BOULBAKA said.

Lalah became the fixture of the gym. She is very observant and likes to watch people boulder as if she's studying their techniques and trying to perfect her own skills.

Photo: bouldering gym BOULBAKA

At a young age, she always had the inclination to climb to the top of anything.

If there's a ladder in the gym, she has to get to the top.

Photo: bouldering gym BOULBAKA

She roams around the gym, managing their daily operation while welcoming climbers with open paws.

Lalah checking on the holds and aiming for her next goal.

Photo: bouldering gym BOULBAKA

Over the past few weeks, the smart little feline grew big and strong enough to climb to the top as she skillfully maneuvered the wall. She's quite a natural.

When she's not climbing, she naps for hours before her next route.

Photo: bouldering gym BOULBAKA

"We never trained her. She just accomplished her desire with no help. She must be happy and proud. We are also very happy and proud of her challenge and achievement!"

Watch the kitty climb to the top in this video:

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