Stray Kitten Strolls Into Office to Offer Employees Some ‘Help’

Stray Kitten Strolls Into Office to Offer Employees Some ‘Help’


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A tiny stray kitten strolled into an office one morning and decided he would give the employees some "help".

Courtesy: Lyacon

"Our office is a few hundred meters from the parking lot, where I assume the kitten was abandoned," reddit user Lyacon told Love Meow.

They have a cat, who roams freely in the office area. "We've known the cat for a long time... That day the stray kitten just followed the cat around, although the cat clearly wasn't fond of the tiny purrsuer."

The kitten entered the office and started to explore every nook and cranny. "Our initial thought was that they belonged together, but when we tried to reunite them, the cat just went off."

They gave the kitten some food, and he loved all the attention. "He definitely brightened everybody's morning at the office."

Courtesy: Lyacon

"Our offices are on an old military airfield, that is no longer being used, so there's close to no buildings around. This unfortunately isn't an uncommon place for people to abandon their animals, so my colleagues told me, but it's the first case since I started working here."

The kitty went around the office and offered workers some "help". "He definitely claimed the desk of our graphic designer's."

Courtesy: Lyacon

They asked people around to see if anyone in the area knows the kitten but no one did. So they knew they had to help.

"The kitten pretty much instantly found a proud new owner. My colleagues' sister, who already has 2 kittens, agreed to take him in."

Courtesy: Lyacon

This little adventurer randomly showed up at the office one morning. "He brightned our day and now has a proud and loving new human."

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