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Young Woman Helps Stray Cat Raise Her Babies. This is Them Then and Now


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A stray cat mama brought her two kittens to a young woman she befriended last year.

This is them then and now!

Courtesy: allekatattack

"About two years ago, a few stray cats wandered up to our house hungry and looking for food, so we fed them. We continued to take care of them and always made sure they had food, water, shelter, and even things like flea medication if they needed it - eventually, one of the shy cats brought two tiny, ragged kittens up to the house with her," reddit user allekatattack told Love Meow.

"I guess she knew they were ill and wanted us to help; the calico had a high fever and required a trip to the emergency vet right away, and they were both skinny, full of fleas, and covered in mites."

Courtesy: allekatattack

"It took weeks to get them up to a good weight and fully healthy, but it was well worth it.

"Now two years later I have two happy, healthy, beautiful cats and the others were eventually taken in by neighbors to live the rest of their lives as happy barn kitties, so it's a happy ending all the way around!"

Courtesy: allekatattack

"The grey one is still skittish, but she can be very loving when she wants to be (loves playing in water too) - the calico is a 'velcro cat' and follows people around all the time (she also plays fetch with rubber bands)."

Beautiful Mercedes!

Courtesy: allekatattack

Silly Porsche!

Courtesy: allekatattack

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