Two Manx Cat Brothers

Two Manx Cat Brothers


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Kimberly from Vancouver, BC, Canada has been living with cats since she was little. Today she will share with us stories of two of her most beloved cats:

Written by Kimberly 2 of 62)

I grew up with cats, We've always had one ever since I was a baby. I've never had any cats like these ones though. I got them from a farm in south central BC, Canada (Osoyoos). They were two of a litter of 11, 9 of which survived. They were all nearly identical with the exception of their tails. They're manx cats, so they ranged from no tail at all to one with a full tail.

I chose Lucky, who has a kinky bit of a tail, only about two inches long, and Bear. He has only a bit of a nub for a tail. They're both classic tabbies, brown and black with creamy bellies, brown noses and yellow/green eyes. Bear is a bit darker with more black fur on his back.

They are both the most chilled out, relaxed cats I've ever encountered. They have never bit or scratched anyone in fear or anger. They love nothing better than to curl up beside you or on your lap and have a belly rub. Lucky loves to give kisses and Bear's specialty is head-bumps.

They're pretty happy to lay around sleeping all day, but they also love to play with a laser, a crocheted mouse my sister made them, puff balls and anything ring shaped - milk ring tops, elastic bands, bracelets or hair bands. Lucky is actually pretty obsessed with elastics and bracelets. He loves to play fetch with them for as long as you'll play - hours and hours if you'll indulge him. He'll bring them back to be thrown every time.

They also both love to go outside. We live on a very busy street so they only go out under strict supervision with harnesses on. They are both humungous cats. Bear has to wear a dog sized harness because he's broken all the cat ones we bought. We've had them in harnesses since they were tiny kittens, taking them all around the neighbourhood. They have no problem with them, but prefer to stay in the yard now that they're old men!

I think anyone would be happy to talk about their cats, I'm happy to have a chance to write all this stuff down. They bring immense amounts of joy to my life. I think they very well may be angels in fur.

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