Two Men Rescue Baby Kitten and Reunite Him with Cat Mother


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Winston Young heard a little kitten's crying from beneath his mother's porch. He worked through a narrow opening to bring a tiny kitten up to safety and reunited the kitten with his cat mama.

"Rescued a kitten out of a 8-10 foot deep crawlspace that it fallen into. We attached yarn to 4 corners of a mesh netting bag and then had a rope attached to the 4 lengths of yarn. Placed kitten food in an attempt to help attract the trapped kitten. The mother of the kitten eventually brought 3 more kittens out of the crawl space," Winston wrote.

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A tiny kitten fell under a porch but was rescued by two men who worked through a narrow opening to bring the kitty up to safety.

They reunited the kitten with his cat mom.

The kitty went straight to mama's belly for a very needed meal.

WATCH VIDEO: Tiny kitten rescued from underneath a porch was reunited with his cat mother.

All the kitties have been adopted and are doing well.

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