Two Orphan Kittens Taken in by Chihuahua Caring for Them Like Her Own


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Two tiny kittens were abandoned in a yard but were taken in by a Chihuahua who became their surrogate mom.

Lucy Liu, the Chihuahua, met the two little black kittens after they were brought home by Jamie Apfel, an animal vet tech for the Hi Tor Animal Shelter. Her pet dog Lucy immediately fell in love.

"She does everything a mom cat would do," Jamie told Fox 12. "Needless to say, these kittens are not going to be afraid of dogs."

Lucy's motherly instinct kicked in and started caring for her new babies. "I was blown away," she said.

"I don't know how well she's going to do when they leave her," Jamie added. "She's very very attached to them."

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Two tiny black kittens were found abandoned in a yard.

When Jamie Apfel, an animal vet tech, brought them home to be bottle-fed, her dog Lucy Liu took to the little babies and started caring for them.

WATCH VIDEO: Chihuahua becomes surrogate mom for two kittens.

She's very very attached to her kittens.

Source: Fox 12.

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