Vet Saves Kitty with Broken Neck and Gives Him a Loving Home


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Blue the kitty is a survivor. He was rescued from a home which gave him the broken neck, but that's the end of it. Blue's life has turned around since he met a vet who took him in, looked after him during those critical moments and will never return him to his old home.

"The break was very serious, but his youth really helped since he can heal so much more effectively," said luminiferousaethers via reddit.

"According to my (vet) friend, he will fully recover. The critical moments have passed and he should be fine," he added.

Today Blue is walking again and very happy because he got a lot of people who adore him and a new home that he loves.

Blue getting cared for by the vet who saved him

Getting love and kisses

Back up on his paws!


Photos by luminiferousaethers via reddit.

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