Why Does My Cat Talk so Much

Why Does My Cat Talk so Much


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Why are some cats more vocal than others? Cats are very much like humans. Some are chatty types where others are more of a listener. Some breeds are famous for being talkative such as the Siamese. [the Most Vocal Cat]

Any Oriental breeds are known to be more vocal than other breeds. Cats such as Persians, Ragdolls or Maine Coons prefer listening more than talking. They are laid back and quiet.

However, there are always exceptions just like the humans. Some Siamese cats are so quiet as if they have muted their vocal chord. Some Maine Coons may follow you around, talking aloud, demanding your attention or food. [Speaking Cat]

Cats are really good at studying and learning their human parents. They are aware that we often miss the subtle signs they show through their body language, thus come up with a range of sounds that can be translated into various meanings. They use these sounds to communicate with us and let us know what they want.

If you enjoy chatting with your cat like I do, you can use it as a way to help fortify the bond between you and your cat. Even though your cat may not understand anything you say, your soothing tones and friendly manner will make your cat feel very welcomed, pleased and content.

Did you know that according to University of Bristol in England, "people who imitate their cats' playfulness enjoy better relationships with their cats. In addition, cats who are played with tend to be more outgoing, easy natured, and better socialized."

Click the video below to meet a kitten that sounds like a squeaky hinge:


the Cat Behavior Answer Book by Arden Moore

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