Winston the First and Ruby the Runt

Winston the First and Ruby the Runt


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Written by Bob (flickr: mobob).

Their lives began November 8th 2006. Their mother, who was a rescue of a neighbour of ours, was collected prego, and a few months later gave birth to 4 crazy cute cuddlies. Winston was the first, then Bosco, the Matrsosky, and finally the runt Ruby.

Ruby was immediately and has always been the underdog, a rambuntious little devil that can wake you up in the middle of night and make you mad, then within seconds smother you with love and affection that you quickly forget. She is definitely the adventerous one, always willing to go into bags and holes to find out what lies within. She has always had this strange habbit of suckling her tail too - whenever you pet her a bit in bed or if you're lucky to have her on your lap, she'll start purring like crazy and start sucking on her tail. It is quite endearing.

Winston on the other hand, is ruby's much bigger older brother. We call him the peacock cat as when he meows he sounds like a peacock! He is a little skittish, but is the most handsome and regal cat that ever lived. He is very eager to find the heat registers in our house, or the warm ray of sun sneaking through the window, and will spend hours just laying and lazing around. He is a purr machine, you touch him and he purrs - we think it scares him sometimes! It takes him a bit of time, but he does warm up and loves to snuggle on the bed and sometimes with Ruby when no one is looking.

Photos courtesy of Bob (flickr: mobob).


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