Wobbly Rescue Kitty Shimmies Her Way into People's Hearts! We've Got Updates!

Wobbly Rescue Kitty Shimmies Her Way into People's Hearts! We've Got Updates!


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This 4 month old kitten wobbles when she walks, but she doesn't let anything stand in her way. In fact, she doesn't even think she's any different.

Courtesy of Watauga Humane Society

Little Geordi Olive was found as a stray and taken into Watauga Humane Society back in November 15. The little wobbly kitten shimmied her way into everyone's heart.

The little tuxedo girl has C.H. (Cerebella Hypoplasia) or wobbly kitten syndrome, a neurological disorder that affects her ability to move properly. But to Geordi, being wobbly is just part of her and she is as happy as she can be.

"She really doesn't realize that she has a disorder," Christy Watson of Watauga Humane Society told Love Meow. "She's like a little spitfire. She's got a lot of personality and loves to play with other animals and cats."

As soon as Geordi sees a person, she switches on her purr motor and gets in her love mode.

More info on Watauga Humane Society | Facebook | Geordi Olive on Instagram

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Courtesy of Watauga Humane Society

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Geordi Olive Adopted!!

A couple of days ago, little Geordi went to her forever home where she lives with her human parents and two feline siblings.

"She's doing wonderfully! It's amazing how she's taking everything in stride. We've never met a kitten personality quite like hers, and we are absolutely honored to add her to our little family," Geordi's forever human told Love Meow.

Courtesy of Geordi Olive @geordiolive

Cats with C.H. can live a happy and long life just like other kitties. All they need is a bit of understanding and a chance at a loving home.

Geordi's human parents named her after the character on Star Trek, a man named Geordi La Forge. He was born blind and never let his disability get the best of him. "He is the inspiration that just because you have a disability doesn't make you any less part of the team!"

Geordi Olive is living her life to the fullest :).

Courtesy of Geordi Olive @geordiolive

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