Special Kitten Brought Back From the Brink Wobbles His Way into Man's Heart

Special Kitten Brought Back From the Brink Wobbles His Way into Man's Heart


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A little grey and white kitty cannot walk on his own but nothing stops him. He never thinks he's disabled, just differently abled.

VCA Cromwell Animal Hospital

A tiny newborn kitten was brought to the VCA Cromwell Animal Hospital, desperately in need of love. The miniature baby was rejected by his mother but the kitten fought hard to keep on going. Dr. Spagnoletti and the staff at the hospital gave him oxygen to help him breathe and brought him back from the brink.

"For many weeks they were not sure if the kitten would survive so they didn't name him, instead just calling him 'Mousey' since he resembled a little grey mouse," Carmelo shares with Love Meow.

Before Carmelo found "Mousey", he fell in love with a rescue "bobtail" kitten, Jazz, who was thousands of miles away. Hoping to adopt one of his own, he began to look locally.

He decided to visit little Mousey after a food drive. Ashley, one of the foster moms, brought out the kitten who just had a bath wrapped in a towel.

"I was very surprised at how small he was. He looked at me with an unsure curiosity and then I saw he had a 'bobtail' just like little Jazz... It was meant to be."

Soon he learned that Mousey is quite special.

VCA Cromwell Animal Hospital

Mousey was born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH), a condition that impedes his motor skills.

The little fur buddy has severe CH, which means he will most likely never be able to walk and will need lifetime assistance. But the little guy can live a happy and quality life with a good home and plenty f love.

VCA Cromwell Animal Hospital

Carmelo went on the internet and learned everything he could find about CH. He was determined to give the kitty the best life he could possibly provide.

He submitted his application. and it was a purrfect match!

Courtesy: Pepino the CH Kitten

"I brought 'Mousey' home on January 8th, 2016 and named him 'Pepino' after a silly song I would listen to over-and-over as a child: Pepino the Italian Mouse by Lou Monte."

Despite being very wobbly, Pepino has learned to use a litter box. Being a bit clumsy doesn't bother him at all.

VCA Cromwell Animal Hospital

"He's become much more coordinated over time and his limbs are very strong," Carmelo told Love Meow.

"I hold him as he eats so he doesn't fall over. His food dishes are soft silicone so he doesn't chip his teeth."

VCA Cromwell Animal Hospital

When Pepino tried out his first walker made by Dr. Spagnoletti, he was ecstatic and couldn't stop running [see video below]. As he grew bigger, Carmelo made a few others that fit him.

"I'm nearly done with his final walker which is more high tech than his previous ones. In the interim, I walk him with a lanyard attached to his harness though he likes to attack the lanyard as if it's one of his toys."

Courtesy: Pepino the CH Kitten

"The best thing is that Pepino has no idea he is 'different' than my other cats. He watches them and emulates them as much as he can.

"He plays, wants to snuggle in the lap, he purrs when I pick him up, and reaches out with his little paws when he sees me. He is a very happy little cat."

Courtesy: Pepino the CH Kitten

Pepino and Carmelo share a very special bond. The little wobbly boy is much attached to his human dad.

"He always wants to be in the room I am in. He purrs loudly when I pick him up in the morning, after I feed him, when I snuggle him before I go to work, and even after I clean him up as I towel him dry. When he's tired he loves to curl up and sleep in my lap," Carmelo told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Pepino the CH Kitten

"Many 'special' pets can live as long a life as a 'normal' pet," Carmelo said. "For me, the rewards far outweigh his special needs. It is a commitment I was ready to make and I haven't regretted for even a second since."

Pepino is one year old now. He's happy, healthy and loved!

Courtesy: Pepino the CH Kitten

Playful little Pepino the kitten!

Trying out his first walker! Watch him run!

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