Wobbly Cat Mama Found Safe Place for Her Babies, Now Can't Stop Cuddling Them (with Updates)

Wobbly Cat Mama Found Safe Place for Her Babies, Now Can't Stop Cuddling Them (with Updates)


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She's a bit wobbly when she walks, but this ginger gal has a heart that is bigger than the moon. Ever since she gave birth to her four tiny fur babies, she hasn't left their side for a second and been cuddling with them and loving them nonstop.

Meet Martini the cat!

Courtesy: Kym McNulty @Whisker Stop

The ginger cat had been wandering and getting fed outside for about two weeks until she met Cassie and her neighbor, who regularly feed strays in their neighborhood. They noticed the cat's swollen belly so reached out to the online community to look for a foster home for the sweet soon-to-be cat mama.

Kym McNulty of Whisker Stop (a non-profit organization in Rolla, Missouri dedicated to helping local animals in need) offered to take in the stray cat.

"She is just the best momma ever!" McNulty told Love Meow. "She has head bob and unsteady gait, but even with her issues, she is very loving and sweet."

"She knows no stranger. She purrs non stop."

Courtesy: Kym McNulty @Whisker Stop

Martini gave birth yesterday to 4 adorable healthy ginger babies. She has stayed by their side the entire time.

"I go in every 2 hours to get her to drink and eat. She is just so proud of her family," McNulty told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Kym McNulty @Whisker Stop

Meet Mama Martini's four mini-me's: Sky , Belvidere, Gordon and Tanqueray.

Courtesy: Kym McNulty @Whisker Stop

"She constantly makes biscuits and rolls over for belly rubs . She falls over a lot when walking. I get nervous watching her, grab her after a fall and she is just unfazed.

"She is the most loving, trusting, affectionate little purr machine," McNulty told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Kym McNulty @Whisker Stop

McNulty will transfer Martini and her babies to Tenth Life in St. Louis, where she will have access to specialists as Whisker Stop continues to take in more rescues and help them get a second chance at life they so deserve.

She is a very petite mama, just under a year old. She hardly stopped purring during the birthing process and hasn't stopped cuddling and purring since.

Courtesy: Kym McNulty @Whisker Stop

Watch this beautiful video of Mama Martini nursing and cuddling with her babies. What unconditional love!


Martini's babies have grown by leaps and bounds. They are now ready for adoption!

"Martini was found to have hydrocephalus, and is a foster fail. So she will be with Bobbi Hale forever," McNulty told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Kym McNulty @Whisker Stop

Share this story and help kitties like Martini find their forever loving homes! You can support their rescue efforts at Whisker Stop's website or Facebook page.

Here's another wobbly cat, Henry, who adopted a litter of orphaned kittens and started caring them as his own.

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