Stray Cat Mom Shelters Her Babies From Rain Behind Shovel, Won't Leave Their Side

Stray Cat Mom Shelters Her Babies From Rain Behind Shovel, Won't Leave Their Side


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A loving tortie cat mama was found sheltering her babies from the rain behind a shovel. After being rescued, she hasn't left her kittens' side and is there for them every step of the way.

Meet Asha the mama and her kittens.

Courtesy: Kittypocalypse Vancouver

Two weeks ago, a cat mother was discovered trying to shelter her kitties from the rain behind a shovel. Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) was alerted about the furry family and went to the rescue.

"When VOKRA went back to trap them they had moved, but fortunately they were located again nearby," Heather, fosterer of VOKRA, shares with Love Meow.

"It took a couple extra days after the kittens were trapped to get mom, but the family was successfully reunited."

Mama was so happy to be back with her precious babies that she showered them with love and baths. "The kittens were surprisingly well fed and healthy when trapped, so she is an amazing mom, and hunter it seems!"

Courtesy: Kittypocalypse Vancouver

Asha was left behind when her previous owners were evicted from their building and had her kittens in the wild.

"The mom, is wary of us but coming around. She loves treats and dry food and will very happily take food from our hands," Heather said.

Courtesy: Kittypocalypse Vancouver

"They're all a bit shy, but they're making progress with every visit."

Mama Asha is completely dedicated to her babies. She keeps them plump and clean, and even before the rescue, she made sure her kittens always had a full belly.

Courtesy: Kittypocalypse Vancouver

The furry family was given names with special meanings from the national language, Swahili.

"Asha means life, Behati means luck, Kamara means moonlight, and Sefu means sword. Since Sefu, the boy, is the most reserved, we wanted to give him a strong name to help bring him out of his shell," Heather told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Kittypocalypse Vancouver

"Behati, the brown tabby, is by far the friendliest. She's very playful and happy and occasionally doesn't mind being picked up.

"Kamara, the torbie girl, is a close second in the friendliness department, but she isn't yet as bold as Behati."

Courtesy: Kittypocalypse Vancouver

"Sefu, the stunning silver boy, is definitely the shyest out of the four. He loves his mama and spends much of his time cuddling with her.

"Currently, he isn't too sure about being pet, but last night I was able to rub his cute little belly when he turned in for a nap."

All three babies, mama's pride and joy!

Courtesy: Kittypocalypse Vancouver

"I have faith that she will come around and see that people can give her a life she deserves and won't abandon her in the future," Heather told Love Meow.

"She tends to hide from us when we visit, but every day she gets a little further out of her comfort zone and has accepted a few pets."

Courtesy: Kittypocalypse Vancouver

Mama Asha is at ease to know that her babies now have a roof over their heads, plenty of good food and water, and lots of warm blankets to snuggle with.

She no longer needs to shelter them from the rain, and the kittens are growing bigger and stronger each day.

That's what mama always wanted - the happiness of her fur children.

Courtesy: Kittypocalypse Vancouver

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