Woman Finds Purrfect Replacement After Breakup With Her Boyfriend

Woman Finds Purrfect Replacement After Breakup With Her Boyfriend


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After a breakup with her boyfriend, Rylee Rae knew something was missing in her heart, and only one thing could fill it. She went online and found the purrfect match.

Meet Delores the cat.

Courtesy: Rylee Rae @ryleerae

Rae is a cat person and has always loved hairless cats as far back as she could remember. When her boyfriend left, he took both cats with him.

"Soon after my breakup in August, I took to scouring adoption pages in hopes of coming across a hairless cat," Rae told Love Meow.

She patiently waited until one day a hairless kitty named Delores came on a Niagara Fall's adoption page. "She is a Skinderlop, which is half Scottish Fold and Half Sphinx."

Little Delores was not doing well in her previous home. "She was being bullied (by other cats) and needed to be in a quiet home with no other pets. She was a perfect fit for our lifestyle."

Courtesy: Rylee Rae @ryleerae

"I've had pets my entire life," said Rae, who spent two decades with a cat she brought home when she was six years old.

She needed a feline companion to fill that hole in her heart. Getting a cat back into her life was the only logical thing to do. When she found Delores, it was love at first sight. She applied to adopt immediately, and the rest is history.

Courtesy: Rylee Rae @ryleerae

Meeting Delores for the first time...

"I saw her sitting in the window when we drove up to meet her. I came into the house and promptly set up camp on the floor, hoping she'd warm up to me. Within minutes she was climbing up into my arms and I literally squealed with joy," Rae told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Rylee Rae @ryleerae

"The second I looked into those green saucer eyes, I was infatuated. I knew from the moment she pressed her warm pink skin into my open hands that it was meant to be!"

Courtesy: Rylee Rae @ryleerae

"We are endlessly happy to be in each others company. She brings me so much joy and happiness and she laps up the constant affections with enthusiasm.

"She is happiest curled up in my lap or hanging out in a scarf doubled as a baby bjorn style carrier and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Delores holding her mom's hand in her sleep.

Courtesy: Rylee Rae @ryleerae

Delores purrs constantly and is tremendously affectionate.

"She is always seeking out a lap or neck to snuggle into and is content being spoiled with your love," Rae told Love Meow.

"She is clumsy and not at all graceful, but still manages to climb around the house on surfaces to get closer to you, meowing for more attention."

Courtesy: Rylee Rae @ryleerae

To little Delores, there is no amount of love is ever enough. Her enormous little heart is always wide open for her human mom to fill it with love.

"She's provided me with an outlet to love unconditionally, beyond the confines of humans. She doesn't have expectations or require reciprocation for all the good she brings into our lives and it's a beautiful thing," Rae told Love Meow.

"She's pure happiness and I'm grateful for her each and every day."

Courtesy: Rylee Rae @ryleerae

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