Woman Keeps Trying Until Tiny Kitten Saved from Deep Storm Drain

Woman Keeps Trying Until Tiny Kitten Saved from Deep Storm Drain


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A kind woman wouldn't give up on a crying kitten who got trapped in a deep storm drain. After many unsuccessful attempts, she kept trying...

Photo by Sparkle Cat Rescue

Sparkle Cat Rescue shares the story: "We got a message from Tiffinaé asking if we could help a kitten that was rescued with the help of City of Greensboro Fire Department after Tiffinaé heard a kitten crying in a storm drain and unsuccessful attempts herself to rescue it."

Tiffinaé wrote: "I was outside when I heard loud meowing coming from a drain so I called the fire department to come rescue the kitten. After an hour, we finally got him out."

This is where she found the little kitten.

Watch video: a short video where you can hear his heartbreaking cries for help.

"I'm 98% sure it's a he. I bathed him due to being in a drain, he was so muddy. I just cannot keep him and I want the best possible life for him. People were just walking by and didn't call for any help," she added.

They have named him Stormy.

The good folks from Sparkle Cat Rescue took in the little rescue kitten into care. "Stormy appears very healthy and drank some KMR (kitten milk replacer) out of a bottle and is set up in a large carrier with a litter box and cozy bed for the evening."

In the days that followed, they took Stormy to the vet to get the medical attention he needed considering the circumstances he was in.

"He is 7-8 weeks old. He's eating well and using the litter box. He is going to be a big boy judging by the size of his paws and head. He weighs a little over a pound. We don't know yet if he will be short hair or medium to long hair. He is a fluffy purr monster!"

"Without Tiffinaé's help this baby surely would not be alive today. This baby is a miracle and one of the reasons Sparkle Cat Rescue's mission is to help the forgotten felines: abandoned, neglected, homeless."

More info: Sparkle Cat Rescue (Burlington, North Carolina) | Facebook | How you can help

All cleaned up. Stormy is warm and happy in his foster home!

Photo by Sparkle Cat Rescue

He is a tiny fur ball now but Stormy will grow up to be a big boy cat!

Photo by Sparkle Cat Rescue

Hanging out with Momma Murry with a big blanket and a ton of snuggles.

Photo by Sparkle Cat Rescue

Stormy is settling down in his foster home just fine, but he can't wait for his forever loving home.

Photo by Sparkle Cat Rescue

Update: Stormy has found his forever home!

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