Woman's Search for Her Missing Cat Helps Reunite Another Lost Cat with Her Humans

Woman's Search for Her Missing Cat Helps Reunite Another Lost Cat with Her Humans


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While a young woman from Bloomington, Minnesota was searching for her lost cat, she helped reunite another lost kitty with her family after being missing for two months.

It was a heart warming reunion.


"While searching for my lost cat, I helped reunite another lost cat to her humans after being missing for 2 months. This is a picture of them back together," reddit user ewblood said.

"Leonard (my cat) ran away from my friends house (15 miles from where I live) while I was on vacation. I routinely had been checking shelters and putting up posters and left out a live trap in case he came back."

She had recently put an ad in the newspaper, and soon she received a call about a cat a few miles from where her kitty was lost. "I went to check and it was not him, but it was an adorable skinny dark grey kitty I couldn't just leave there, so I brought her to the shelter..."


She went on a local Facebook group for lost pets, looking for the dark grey kitty's family, and happened to find the cat who was lost in the same city.

"I commented on their post suggesting they check the shelter, and alas! Reunion."

Though her own cat is still missing, it's bittersweet to know that her lost cat lead to helping reunite another family's missing cat.

Leonard the cat (right) is still missing.ewblood

While she was at the shelter, she met a beautiful cat named Simone. She couldn't get her mind off her.

After the 7 day holding period she went back to the shelter and picked up Simone to foster. As she continues to look for her best friend of 6 years, Simone is there to cheer her up with cuddles and gives her that much-missed companionship.

Share this story with your friends. If you are around Bloomington, MN, keep an eye out for this gorgeous black kitty Leonard.

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