13-year-old Girl Made “Wall of Sorrow” to Convince Dad to Get a Cat From Shelter

13-year-old Girl Made “Wall of Sorrow” to Convince Dad to Get a Cat From Shelter


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A 13-year-old girl, a cat lover from Texas, was determined to convince her father that they needed a new cat to join their family.

She wouldn't take no for an answer so came up with an idea to tell her dad just how much she wanted a kitty with a "wall of sorrow".

Supplied by Danielle Grubisic

Peyton, 13, is very close to her father. Their cat for 19 years passed away almost two years ago. Peyton grew up with her feline friend. Since her passing, she has been feeling a void in her heart.

"My sister has been begging my dad to get another cat. Her birthday was December 9th, and her wish was to get a new cat so she decided to make a 'wall of sorrow' which took her about an hour to do," ," Danielle Grubisic told Love Meow.

She incorporated photos of shelter kitties and wrote a few messages, strongly urging her dad how important it is to get these kitties a home.

Supplied by Danielle Grubisic

"She thought it would show my dad how badly she wanted a cat and that she could take care of it," Danielle told Love Meow.

"He eventually caved!"

Supplied by Danielle Grubisic

Peyton and her dad went to Watauga Animal Shelter, a local shelter, and that's when they found Mittens, a two-year old kitty, who had been in the shelter for quite some time.

Peyton fell in love with Mittens and welcomed her into their loving home with open arms.

"Why did you do this to me?"Supplied by Danielle Grubisic

Mittens hopped onto Dad's lap for some much-needed TLC. Peyton was over the moon to have a new kitty be part of their family. Her wish came true!

"She loves her cat and they've been cuddling together since we got her," Danielle told Love Meow.

Supplied by Danielle Grubisic

Mittens loves her new abode!

She is so happy to have found a loving home for the holidays.

Supplied by Danielle Grubisic

Peyton knew that something was missing in their family and was determined to get that missing piece.

Now she is beaming with joy.

Supplied by Danielle Grubisic

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