Young Woman Heard Meowing From Chicken Coop and Found This Kitten and Her Siblings...

Young Woman Heard Meowing From Chicken Coop and Found This Kitten and Her Siblings...


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A young woman heard meowing coming from a chicken coop and found not just one but three little kittens hiding about.

This tiny tabby found herself in a bit of a pickle.


"I live on a farm and for a couple of weeks we heard meowing coming from our chicken coop," reddit user Void_pup told Love Meow.

They checked inside the chicken coop but couldn't find any kittens yet the meowing continued. As they inspected every nook and cranny of the room, they saw three tiny furballs hiding under the floorboards.

The young woman and her roommates managed to catch the first kitten and the second one within a few days from each other. The last kitty gave them a good run for their money, but after four more days of coaxing, waiting and whole lot of patience, they finally got her.

"Since the first one was caught, we have gotten litter boxes, cat food, toys, etc for the kittens."


The shy kitties immediately took refuge under the bathroom tub but as time went by, they began to realize that the humans weren't so bad. Slowly, they all came out one by one.

"They're all girls. The light brown one is Cent. Orange is Marmalade. The dark brown is Kiki," they told Love Meow.

Marmalade getting a much-needed bath!reddit/Void_pup

The kittens started to enjoy being picked up and held.

Kiki, the shyest of the bunch, took a liking to the young woman that saved her and clung to her for cuddles.


After getting all three kittens indoors, they haven't heard any more meowing from the chicken coop.

The three sisters are thriving and eating like a champ!


The kittens are loving their new life as indoor cats, running around the house, climbing things, and exploring every corner they can find.

Cent is an excellent climber!


They have found loving homes for all three kittens.

Kiki is staying with her favorite human, her rescuer, and continues the cuddlefest with her every day.


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