13 Year Old Stray Cat Less than 4 Pounds Surprises Everyone with Her Strong Will to Live


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She was found just skin and bones and severely matted, but this 13-year-old rescue stray surprised everyone with her will to live and hope to be loved.

Courtesy of Mendy-Sue Drew @gingersgeorgefluff

A 13-year-old Persian mix was found in a parking lot of a hotel by herself. She was taken to the shelter weighing in at just 3.5lbs (1.6kgs) due to a medical condition. They shaved off all her mats so she could feel comfortable again.

The kitty stayed in the shelter for about two months, hoping someone would take her home. She "has an irresistible personality that has made her entire care team fall in love with her," San Diego Humane Society said.

More info on Instagram @gingersgeorgefluffSan Diego Humane Society

To keep her warm at the shelter, they fitted her with different cozy sweaters.

Courtesy of Mendy-Sue Drew @gingersgeorgefluff

Finally she found her forever human!

"I couldn't believe the shape she was in but I saw so much life and will in her eyes and knew she needed just the right home to be spoiled in her golden years," Mendy-Sue Drew told Love Meow.

"I just wanted to help her get healthy and live a full life in comfort."

Courtesy of Mendy-Sue Drew @gingersgeorgefluff

Adelaide (formerly Joyce) is doing well! Her new home has brought out her true personality and her appetite has returned!

"She is eating like a champ so the vet thinks she will be healthy in no time," Drew said. "She is quite the firecracker! So active and vocal and curious!"

"She has two brothers who are amazing and were adopted as older bonded cats too," Drew told Love Meow.

Courtesy of Mendy-Sue Drew @gingersgeorgefluff

She's found her new favorite spot and even figured out the stairs by bunny hopping them.

Courtesy of Mendy-Sue Drew @gingersgeorgefluff

Napping on a comfy bed, no more wandering on the streets!

Courtesy of Mendy-Sue Drew @gingersgeorgefluff

Eating like a champ! (Watch video)

"She's been eating voraciously and trying out all the new sleeping places."

Courtesy of Mendy-Sue Drew @gingersgeorgefluff

"Older cats have so much love to give and they truly appreciate all the warmth and love and security you can give them. Kittens are cute and fun but older cats bring so much joy, companionship and gratitude.

"It's such an amazing journey adopting an older cat," Drew told Love Meow.

Courtesy of Mendy-Sue Drew @gingersgeorgefluff

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