2 Sleepy Lovey Friends

2 Sleepy Lovey Friends


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Charbo and Meebo found each other through their owner Uzysuki who rescued them from adverse situations.

Charbo was born in Tuhoku, Japan. Uzysuki had been feeding him and other feral cats in that area for a while until she was able to bring him home.

Meeco, the white and black kitty was found on the road, injured by a car. The kitty is a fighter. She pulled through after surgery and treatment and is now a healthy beautiful cat.

Charbo and Meeco fell in love with each other at first sight. The two never stop cuddling. When it's nap time, they are always together [see these cute videos of them giving each other hugs] There is so much love in this pair that it's simply inspiring. Here is a video of their story.

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