4 Little Munchkins Ready to Start New Chapter in Life

4 Little Munchkins Ready to Start New Chapter in Life


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Rachel recieved her first set of foster kittens, 2 girls (tortie) and 2 boys (ginger), for the year. "These 4 bring us to 38 foster kittens as we begin year 5 of our fostering. These are also the smallest/youngest of our kittens ever. They were 3 weeks old when they came to us," says Rachel on her blog.

"Pip is the baby of the group. He was the runt when we got him. But what he lacked in size he made up for in spirit! He is a chatty boy too. He likes to tell you that he loves you and even nose kiss your face."

"Harley (tortie) is the little lady of the group. Don't get me wrong, she LOVES to play and romp, but she is also very dignified. She is a major lover and loves snuggling under your chin. She has an adorable little meow that sometimes has purr mixed into it."

"Trixie is as loving as she is feisty. She is a total cuddlier but she loves her people for play as well. She is very proud of her prowess and she wants you to know it. She adores a stuffed fishy or mousy that she can carry in her mouth, but the all time best toy is a bottle cap from a water bottle."

"We call Bugsy the little man. He got his name because he is such a love bug. He plays hard, sleeps hard and loves his people like crazy! He also talks to us when he is happy, he chirps to say hi and that he missed you."

These lovely kitties are now looking for forever homes :). They would love to be adopted in pairs. They are at Sunnyvale Petco Satellite of the Humane Society Silicon Valley.

Photos courtesy of ©Rachel Lee Fox (flickr: phoenixfeather, photo blog).


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