A Year Ago Two Ginger Sisters Found Crying Under AC Unit. Look at Them Now!


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A year ago, a couple found two little ginger kittens under their AC unit, howling for help. As soon as they put the kittens into their arms, they immediately calm down and even started snuggling up with their rescuer like they would with their mom.

The kittens dozed off on their human dad after they were brought into their new home.

"At first, all they wanted was to burrow and snuggle into my hair," reddist user thebreat said. "This is my husband's first time with kittens this young, and he is falling hard for them."

Around 80% of the ginger cats are boys, but these two are sisters. They were named Olivia and Penny.

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The mother cat was nowhere in sight, so they put some food out where she had the kittens just in case, but when they returned to check on the food, it was still intact, so they knew the mother never came back.

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In the days that followed, the kittens had been "gobbling food, passing out, and gobbling more food." The couple took turns to care for the feline sisters around the clock, and the kittens were getting bigger and stronger by the day.

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The two fluff balls are almost identical. "It was hard (to tell them apart) at first. Olivia was fluffier than Penny, so that was the only way we could tell at first. Then I learned their faces. Seeing them everyday has made their faces totally different to me now."

When they got bigger, their obsession for cuddling never ceased. They are always looking for a chance to snuggle with their humans, preferably around their neck.

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When they nap, they cuddle.

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The two sisters are never far away from each other.

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They grew by leaps and bounds.

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It's been a year since they found their humans. The two ginger gals have all grown up!

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