Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Day August 12

Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Day August 12


Like Love Meow on Facebook is dedicating August 12 to the less adoptable pets in hope to raise the awareness of those under privileged feline critters that have trouble finding a permanent home.

What are the less adoptable pets?

Big dogs, black dogs and black cats, FIV+ cats, pets with physical disabilities, senior pets and breeds that have a bad reputation are all examples of hard-to-adopt pets. -

Big dogs are loving and loyal creatures. Black cats are affectionate and can make a wonderful companion. Senior cats are calm and composed. They are well house trained. FIV + cats can live as long as any other cats in the house if they are neutered or spayed and not aggressive. Handicapped pets are heart breakers. Their determination to live and to be independent will be an inspiration to everyone.

August 12 is designated to raise the awareness of ending euthanasia of adoptable pets. Your help will make a difference to their lives.



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