Alexis the Kitty Adopted by Golden Retrievers

Alexis the Kitty Adopted by Golden Retrievers


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Alexis the kitty found Suzie's daughter one day and the next thing she knew was that Alexis was coming home with her. Since they already had a mini zoo in the house, they didn't think they could keep Alexis, but it didn't take long for them to change their mind.

A special relationship was established when Alexis stepped into her new home. Trinity the golden retriever approached and took to the little kitty right away, nuzzling and cuddling her new feline friend while giving Suzie the sad puppy "Can we keep her" eyes. The rest of the furry gang in the house also befriended Alexis and took her under their wings. "My daughter is having a hard time parting with her. Also the dogs love her and she them." Alexis is there to stay :).

Photos and story courtesy of ©Suzie (flickr: Rainfire Photography). Here is Alexis and her besties, Trinity and Bailey the dogs.

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