Amelie the Little Rescued Kitten

Amelie the Little Rescued Kitten


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Written by ©Linda Borciani. (flickr: Linda).

A friend of mine found Amelie three weeks ago under a car in a parking lot on a rainy day. The poor little one was crying so much. My friend took her home but he already has 3 cats and he was not able to keep her. So he wrote about it to his friends and see if anyone could give her a good home. When I saw his message, I immediately said "ME!"

When she came to my home, at first I thought she was a boy so I called her Smokey. Once the vet told me she is a girl, right away I thought about the name Amelie! She's always running everywhere, but when she sleeps, she's absolutely the most stunning kitty in the world, giving so many different adorable poses!

My 2 year old cat Rugby didn't accept Amelie at first. Though they are still working on getting to know each other, they are closer and closer everyday. Amelie is often looking for him to play with. Sometimes she will pester him around a bit, but Rugby is always very patient and tolerant.

Photos courtesy of ©Linda Borciani (flickr: Linda).

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