"Amy My Special Furry Friend"

"Amy My Special Furry Friend"


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Written by ©Tong.

Amy grew up with me. She was like a little kid who kept getting bigger and bigger every day. Though we don't have a very large place, she enjoys everything she can get to the max. Amy is very independent but she does not like to be alone. It's sort of like me :).

She awaits me for my return everyday without fail. Right before I enter the door, she will meow non-stop as if she is eagerly trying to tell me what antics she did that day that made her so proud. When I am changing, she keeps sniffing around me, inspecting the new smells I brought back from the outside. She repeats the same routine everyday.

Amy like many other cats, enjoys a good comfortable massage. Whenever I rub her back, she turns on her purr machine and runs it for as long as she is with me. She sits on my lap like a little princess waiting for me to pamper her. Slowly she closes her eyes and falls into a slumber in my lap. I love that moment with her everyday.

Having a cat is so much fun. Cats are unlike dogs that are dependent on their owners. Cats make their own decisions and will not do things that they don't like. They like to entertain themselves, be free and have their own space. But if you need them, they will be there for you. Though Amy is no pedigree, she is very special to me, and I am thankful to have her in my life.

Photos courtesy of ©Tong.

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