Beginning to a Brand New Life


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I am a lucky kitty with several siblings who are as fuzzy as me. We were rescued from a shelter that couldn't keep us. Now we get our many daily bottles while keeping our hoomans up every 2 hours at night. We are opening our eyes now and soon will explore around and play!

One thing is missing though... I need a forever loving home.

I fall asleep in my hooman's hands when the sleepy bug bites...


I keep them up every 2 hours so I can fill my belly with yummy food...

I sleep all day with my siblings in a new bed and a teddy by our side

"Kitten season may come very early this year. These guys and one gal were born around the first," said Lisa and somehow ended in Manhattan. They were rescued from a shelter that couldn't keep them, now being bottle fed at their foster home.

Photos courtesy of Eva and Lisa from Empty Cage Collective in Brooklyn, New York

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