Bella and Her Best Friend Lion-O

Bella and Her Best Friend Lion-O


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Bella crept deep into her foster parents' hearts. She is a little feisty, lovey and happy girl who has always been friendly and comfortable with everyone, but she is especially close to her little friend Lion-O.

Lion-O is a plush toy that Bella proudly carries around, has long conversation and shares naps with. Though Bella loves many things (speed racing in the house, climbing anything and everything, perfecting her silent mew, biting toes, being pampered, etc), power napping with Lion-O is her favorite thing to do everyday.

When Bella was ready to go back to the shelter to be put up for adoption, it was bittersweet for Rachel, but knowing she was going to have a permanent home that loves and adores her, it was all worth it.

Photos courtesy of ©Rachel Lee Fox (flickr: phoenixfeatherphoto blog).


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